20 aug. 2017


Descrierea autorului:
„Imaginea disperării, este o oglindă a unei stări de spirit extreme care zguduie din temelii ființa umană atunci când speranța dispare.
Este un țipăt lăuntric, fără sonoritate în lumea exterioară, țipătul mut al unui suflet care se prăbuşeşte în abisul propiei solitudini...

Asemenea imploziei cauzate de o stea care se stinge spre finalul călătoriei în propria existență. În această operă am dat stării de spirit a omului, chipul humanoid al carui suflet s-a prăbuşit în sine, în abisul universului său interior.
Starea de disperare se ascunde în întuneric, iar țipătul mut al deznadejdii răsună în universul său interior în care fenomenologia lumii exterioare devine reflexia subiectivă, unei lumi obiective.

Disperarea este un fel de durere surdă, reversul speranței.Două stări extreme între zenit şi nadir, puncte de referință ale universului interior şi al celui care ne înconjoară.
Această lucrare a fost inspirată de propria stare de spirit, a existenței mele temporare pe pământ..."

Descriere tehnică:
Tehnică - Ulei -H.p.placaj-carton 40 x 30 cm .(cu ramă 46 x 36 cm)
Finalizat în anul 2017
Author - Stoian Andrei Stefan
Această lucrare provine din colecția "Atrocităţși discrepanţe sociale"
© Copyright Reserved by Noktys Nokte

Author's description:
„The image of despair is a mirror of an extreme state of mind that shakes the human being when the hope disappears.
It is an inward scream, without sound in the outside world, the silent mumble of a soul crashing into the abyss of its own solitude ...

Like the implosion caused by a star that goes out to the end of the journey in its own existence. In this work I gave man's states of mind, the humanoid face whose soul crashed itself into the abyss of its inner universe.
The state of despair is hidden in the darkness, and the silent silence of the despondency echoes in its inner universe in which the phenomenology of the outer world becomes the subjective reflection  of an objective world.

Despair is a kind of deaf pain, the reverse of hope. Two extremes between zenith and nadir, the reference points of the inner universe and of the one surrounding us.
The work was inspired by my own state of mind, in my temporary existence on the earth..."

Tehnical description:
Technique - Oil -l.o cardboard 40 x 30 cm.(With frame 46 x 36 cm)
Finished in year 2017
Author - Stoian Andrei Stefan 
This artwork comes from the "Atrocities and social discrepancies"Collection.
©  Copyright Reserved by Noktys Nokte

2 comentarii:

  1. Called by the philosopher Kierkegaard "the sickness unto death",despair means the lost of the self in relation with human and cosmic order...a sort of painful breaking off from the right alignment with the universal order.In a continuous balance between finite and infinite ,between possibility and necessity,the human being ,unconsciously,feels that only in love is the power ,as love is the power that created everything.In despair,the soul remains empty and desert,disconnected from the vital source.The painter succeeds in immortalizing this state of mind using only black and white,that is to say,light and darkness.

  2. The image seems to be somehow stylized and deformed by nuances then transposed into art. The work has an expressivity in common.
    This artwork, remembers to me about Edvard Munch "The scream".
    It is an extremely powerful and expressive work for who can understand art at this level.
    I guess you will not grab too much of her custody, the right man will buy it faster than you think!
    Although it is the only work I have seen so far with the same deep and even more expressive message than "The scream". The difference is just the price. Fortunately for this is still accessible, as soon as the one who knows who was E.Munch collects it, it will explode like value price.
    If you do not find a customer relatively quickly, I hope to be lucky to buy this artwork ,Before reaching a price that I can never afford...
    Until another, if it sells in the meantime. anyway, wherever i have to choose, all of your work is gorgeous and yet too less priced in light of the weight you have in this world.
    I am happy, however, that I have the opportunity to be contemporary with an artist of this quality in these times ...
    I hope god bless you dear friend. Succes to good colaborate with your collectors!


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